Advent Beer: St Austell Korev

St Austell Korev, was the only can of beer in Tesco that fitted my Advent Beer constraints. When I buy lager from the supermarket, British brands aren’t generally high on my shopping list.

It’s not that I don’t drink lager, it’s just that I seem to need to be in a certain mood. I was hoping that this would be one of those clean and crip lagers and not one of those sweet and cerealy ones.

Sitting in the glass, with it’s large fluffy white head, atop the pale straw body, it certainly looked the part. Although, for me, that’s probably where it ended. There wasn’t really anything on the nose, initially a faint hint of stale carbon dioxide, but nothing of note.

In the mouth, it felt like it had a certain carbonation prickliness about it, not that it was particularly fizzy; it didn’t feel like the prickle was hop based. Flavour wise, it was relatively clean, with lots of those sweet grainy, cereal, flavours that some lagers seem to have. The sweetness wasn’t quite counteracted by any bitterness though, so the aftertaste was a long lingering sweet one. Not really the clean and crisp lager I was hoping for.

As I mentioned, sometime I just need to be in the right mood. Some I seem to be able to enjoy anytime of the year, others like Moravka, I can only seem to enjoy occasionally. Maybe it’s the weather, as I do seem to notice the cereal flavours less when it’s a blisteringly hot summers day. Or, it might just be that I prefer my lager to have more of a bitter bite, like Jever. Either way, Korev probably isn’t for me.

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