Advent Beer: Wild Beer Bibble

For some reason I’ve not had that many beers from Somerset based Wild Beer Co. I’ve found some of their small bottles to be distinctly lacking, while their big bottles we just a bit too pricey.

Bibble, according to the Wild Beer website, is evidently means to drink regularly, so it’s presumably a Session IPA type affair. It poured a marmalade orange with a thinish off white head, it wasn’t a lively pour. In a similar fashion to the Release the Chimps from the other night, this can had some sediment in it. Unlike the Release the Chimps, this sediment didn’t appear to overly affect the beer in the glass, other than making it slightly opaque.

The nose had notes that implied the contents had been shown plenty of biscuity malt and a few hops; although I couldn’t place any particular aroma. For a beer with that colour and smell, I was quite disappointed by the mouthfeel, while it initially started out filling the mouth, it quickly went the way of watery and dissipated.

You could argue that this was the beer being juicy, but it meant that the lingering aftertaste was disappointing. I was expecting more bitterness and more flavour from the hops. It was all just a little plain, with nothing really standing out, other than the disappointing mouthfeel.

I’ve found that some beers taste better when you don’t think. They’re better when you take a hearty mouthful, rather than a contemplative sip. This would be one of those beers. It was more satisfying taking a large mouthful, at least while the beer was in the mouth. This also seemed to truncate the aftertaste, with the flabby wateriness departing quicker and leaving a subtle bitter marmalade flavour behind it.

So a drinking beer, rather than a contemplative beer and probably better from keg.

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