Advent Beer: Magic Rock Hypnotist

Magic Rock Hypnotist and Wayniac, are the main reason I decided to undertake Advent Beer blogging this year. Time to find out if it was worth it…

Magic Rock Hypnotist is certainly the murkiest beer so far. It sat, opaque, a dirty marmalade in colour, with a caramel tinged, compact head. It didn’t look particularly appealing, if I’m being honest. At least it didn’t look like some of these new fangled beers that look like glasses of Tropicana.

Where the Shindigger Session had undertones of dank, Hypnotist was positively flaunting dank. Unfortunately, it was also flaunting an edge, an undercurrent of urgh. It took a while to place, but there was a definite lemony acidic edge to the aroma. This mingling with the dankness, wasn’t particularly pleasant.

It was all go in the mouth, starting with a nice tickle of upfront bitterness. Then a tartness washed through, causing massive salivation. This had the effect of thinning the mouthfeel, of making it feel watery and flabby. Luckily, when all hope was being lost, a load of malty caramel sweetness pushed through, filling the mouthfeel out a touch. A gentle bitterness led into a lingering, fruity, very juicy (read watery) aftertaste that went on for ages.

Watery marmalade was my overall impression, the intensity of which built with each mouthful. It’s was quite nice, once you got over all the juicy, wateriness caused by the tartness. Having said that, I’d rather it had been a bit more substantial, body wise, all the way through. The juicy, wateriness of it, while it might be refreshing on a hot summers afternoon, wasn’t particularly welcome on a dismally wet winters eve.

It was odd, the pleasure of each mouthful varied, depending on how much beer was in it. It was fine with small and large mouthfuls, but not so great with a middling mouthful. It left me confused and not sure what to think about it. If I hasn’t know that it was intentionally kettle soured, the tartness would really have thrown me.

I’m finishing this write up over twenty four hours after finishing the beer. I still can’t quite get my head round it. I still don’t know if I liked it or not. It is entirely possible that I like, and dislike it, in equal measure. Not sure I’d rush out and buy another can though…

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