Advent Beer: Magic Rock Wayniac

Sometimes when you crack open a beer and take a big drink, you can’t help but smile.

After I’d poured the Magic Rock Wayniac in the glass, I had to stop and have a think. Only twenty four hours earlier, in the my notes, I’d been slating the way Magic Rock Hypnotist looked. Wayniac look pretty much identical, but for some reason, it looked more appealing. Go figure the human brain.

It poured a similar murky marmalade, with a similar, compact off white head. It also had a similar whoosh of hop aromas, charging out of the can the moment it was opened. That’s where, for me at least, the similarities ended.

Where Hypnotist had been flaunting dank, Wayniac was all the dank. Dank to the max, with a hint of citrus peeking round the edges. Maybe it’s the dimpled mug, but you still had to take a lung full to full appreciate it.

The mouthfeel was big, with lots of malt body, but not at all cloying. A lovely tingle run through the mouth, with touches of juiciness round the edges, which lead on into the lingering aftertaste. Bitterness build throughout, subtle citrus, hints of allium, and just general mouth coating dank hopiness. The aftertaste was all juicy, thick, bitter marmalade and went on for ages (like an hour after finishing it).

The first taste had me smiling, as I knew it was my kind of beer. The smile didn’t really leave my face. Finally, an Advent Beer I really, really like.

It would also appear to be the kind of beer my wife likes too. She got passion fruit at the death (I told you she was better at this than me) and I nearly didn’t get it back. It was one of those situations where you get told off, because you only bought one for yourself.

I might have to pop back into Cozzi & Boffa and see if they have any left…

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