Advent Beer: Wild Weather Plain Sailing Weather

I was intrigued by the label, what impact would the kaffir lime leaves have? There was only one way to find out.

It poured a surprisingly light, crystal clear golden colour, with a frothy white head. For a beer that is supposedly, unpasteurised, unfiltered and contains yeast (at least according to their website), this was a good start. The head dropped relatively quickly, but didn’t disappear completely.

I’m really going to struggle to get across what this beer smelt and tasted like, I’m really not sure how to describe it. It’s also probably best to clarify that I’d finished a seriously hot plate of patatas bravas about an hour before drinking this, the lingering effects may very well have skewed things.

There was surge of aroma when the can was opened, but I couldn’t tell you what it smelt of, other than it was aromatic. It felt like there was a nice bit of upfront bitterness, before what I thought must be the kaffir lime leaf flavour piling in and taking over. It coated the mouth, in a similar fashion to a Thai coconut curry. That feeling you get half an hour, or an hour after finishing a really hop one.

There wasn’t much respite from this mouth coating feeling, each new mouthful just washed away the feeling briefly, before it exerted itself with more vigour. It also finished sweet and then got even sweeter as the aftertaste petered out. It really needed some honking bitterness, or acidity, to cut through and provide some mouthwatering pucker.

I just couldn’t pin down what it tasted of, there was nothing I could put my finger on. No citrus, I certainly didn’t get any lime, at least, none that stood out and shouted LIME. I just can’t describe it. The best I can do, is to reiterate that it left me with the same feeling, as if I’d recently had a Thai curry.

After drinking it, I had a look at the website, mainly to get the relevant links. I had a quick read of the description and noticed that this beer contains Sorachi Ace hops, which makes perfect sense. I’ve always got that mouth coating feeling from a beer heavy with Sorachi. I totally didn’t peg the flavours and mouthfeel as being those from Sorachi, which is a bit surprising, as it’s very distinctive.

It wasn’t unpleasant, just not really my cup of tea, I can’t see myself buying another.

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