Advent Beer: Almasty MK X

Almasty are another brewery that are new to me, but one I’d heard good things about. It was a no brainer to add one to the Advent Beer selection.

Poured a clear, light marmalade, with a loose, just, off white head. As has been come the custom, I short poured to ensure no unexpected sediment made it in to the glass. I necked the remain of the can and it did taste like there was a bit of yeast in there.

It smelt good during the pour, with lots of hop aromas coming out of the can. Once it was in the glass, there was still plenty, which made for a nice change. Lots of bitter orange, citric type notes, which had a bit of depth to them.

This is a big beer, at least on the initial mouthfeel. Lots of body, thick with malt and hops, lots of bitter orange flavours. It died off quite quickly though. Given the initial taste, I was expecting a beer that had legs, with an aftertaste that would go on and on. It did rally a bit, bit never quite fulfilled its initial promise.

Having said all of that though, once it warmed up a bit, it did fulfil its promise. Lots of upfront bitterness, a pleasing prickle throughout the mouth, a lingering pithy bitter orange aftertaste. Just what was required after a hard session in the gym.

A beer of two halves, or maybe more correctly, a beer of two temperatures. It was a bit disappointing, until it warmed up bit, then it was rather good. On the basis of this beer, I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for more from Almasty.

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