Advent Beer: First Chop SUP

This is the second Advent Beer from Manchester based First Chop. I has hoping that it would be better than the first.

A scant second, or so, after opening the can, it gushed. Not badly, but enough that I lost some of the beer. The nose was all stale carbon dioxide. That was it, nothing else.

So, a gush, stale carbon dioxide on the nose, things weren’t looking good.

As you might expect, it was over carbonated in the mouth too. The marmalade coloured liquid, exploding into bubbles the moment it hit the tongue. Unfortunately, the effervescence also took away a lot of the flavour too.

There was an initial hit of orangey bitterness, some biscuity malt and then the bubbles. Frothy and foamy in the mouth, it was hard to tell how much body the beer was supposed to have.

Subsequent mouthfuls brought out more flavour; a slight ashtray dryness, for instance. Flavours and mouthfeel, especially in the middle, were just stripped away by the bubbles.

The aftertaste, while short lived, was pleasant; slightly orangey and slightly bitter. It didn’t linger though, which was disappointing. Overall, the flavours appeared soft, as did the bitterness. Hard to tell when the beer just dissolves on the tongue.

I hope this this was just a duff can and not a bad batch. Especially as the can of HOP also had carbonation issues. So maybe it’s just slack QC at the brewery, or bad canning by the contractors, who knows. Either way, I’ll not be buying another to find out.

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