Advent Beer: Alphabet A to the K

I’ve been sitting on this post since last Thursday evening, hoping for my thoughts to crystallise. They haven’t, so this post will concentrate on what’s in the can, not what’s on the can.

The beer poured a gleaming golden, with hints of polished amber. A Fluffy white head sat proudly on top, before slowing dropping. There wasn’t a lot on the nose to start with, maybe a bit of cereal maltiness, possibly from the oats¹. After it had sat in the glass for a while though, they were joined by some subtle orangy notes. It may have been my imagination, but I think there may have been vague hints of pineapple. Having said that, my wife though it smelt of decay and compost, so there you go.

The mouth feel was pretty nice, with lots of body, flavour and bitterness. The carbonation level was pretty good to, although it did effervesce slightly on the tongue. It was quite a muddled flavour, with nothing really asserting itself. Think generic, slightly orangy citrus, maybe a hint of tropical fruit, you’ll be in the ball park. Once it warned up, there was a lot more cereal flavour, which wasn’t entirely pleasant.

The level of bitterness leading into the aftertaste was probably my favourite bit, as it was quite assertive. The aftertaste lasted for a while, at least the bitterness lasted for quite a while. It was just a shame that the indistinct flavours couldn’t go the distance and died off. Once the bitterness had passed, the mouth was left with a, sort of, soft feeling; that’s the best I can describe it.

I quite liked the contents of this can, a bit more separation in the flavours and it would be a winner. What I didn’t like, was the artwork on the can, especially given the events going on in places like Aleppo and South Sudan. That’s a discussion for another post though…

¹ Yes, I did sniff our big box of porridge oats…

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