Advent Beer: Rooster’s Ragged Point

This can of Rooster’s Ragged Point was the last on the shelf in Cozzi & Boffa. It would have been rude not too.

From a distance, it sat jet black in the glass. Just showing hints of deep ruby red, when held up to a light. The easily formed, tan coloured head dropped to a covering fairly readily.

The nose was intense. Lots of roasted malt flavours, predominantly chocolate, with hints of bitter coffee. It was hard to pick out any particular hop aroma, just a general, it’s been shown some hops.

The mouth feel was good, substantial, but still relatively light. Lots of roasted malt flavours, with chocolate, again, the mainstay. Rather than just being about the malt, the cheeks prickled with bitterness, causing some salivation. The juiciness and hop flavours combining to form a lingering bitter aftertaste, with hints of roasted coffee.

I really quite liked this beer; light, malty, bitter, moreish, accomplished.

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