Advent Beer: Harbour Little Rock IPA

I’m always keen to try beer from Harbour. So when I saw this on the shelves in Cozzi & Boffa, I knew it had to make the Advent Beer selection.

It poured a slightly hazy chestnut brown, with a thick off white head. The haze appeared to be caused by minute suspended particles; it would have been a real looker without them. There was no mention on the can of any sediment, nor a warning to pour carefully.

There wasn’t much on the nose, just some subtle crystal malt type aromas. There was the feeling of hop aroma, but it was too subtle for me to pick up.

The first few mouthfuls were quite disappointing. Lots of slack crystal malt caramel type flavours and not a lot else. It wasn’t that it was lacking body, it was just quite mouth-watering, which had the side effect of making it feel a bit on the light side.

There was a quite a bit of prickle in the mouth, with the caramel flavours then asserting themselves. After washing out a bit, the aftertaste was quite long, with sweet caramel flavour and some bitterness.

It felt like the was a hole where the hop flavours should’ve be. The initial prickle, then all the sweet malt flavours, then where I was expecting the hop flavours and bitterness to show, there was just an absence.

Bitterness did build though, mouthful by mouthful, as long as they weren’t too far apart. There just wasn’t enough of it, especially with the finish being so sweet.

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  • Little Rock IPA, 5.5%, 330ml

All in all, a bit of a disappointment, it was just lacking something. Hopefully with the arrival of Stuart Howe, Harbour will be back to producing the top quality beer in 2017.

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