Advent Beer: Moor PMA

I was supposed to finish on Moor JJJ IPA¹, but due to my incompetence, Thirsty had run out. So Moor Pale Modern Ale for those with a Positive Mental Attitude is the finisher instead.

Given the name, I was expecting something ultra pale. Instead, it was more of a burnished copper, marmalade colour. The loose white head sat proudly, taking its time to slowly sink back.

I struggled to get much on the nose. It wasn’t that there was nothing there, I just couldn’t determine what it was. Maybe some slightly citric aromas, maybe a bit of biscuity malt, maybe.

Lots of body in the mouth, with a lovely prickly wave of bitterness to start. A solid, slightly sweet, malty backbone supported the bitterness, allowing it to sweep through the mouth. Lingering bitter orange flavours lead into the, slightly sweet and juicy, aftertaste.

As you would expect from Moor, the execution is spot on. Very drinkable, very moorish, very good.

¹ Yes, of course I’ve had JJJ IPA before. Normally from 660ml bottles, but also on cask occasionally. Damn you high strength beer duty!!!

It’s my blog though, and as I’d not had it for about four years, or from a can. I figured that would be the perfect beer to finish on.

C’est la vie, there will be other opportunities. Merry Christmas!

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