Black Sun Brewing

Black Sun Brewing is the name I’ve given my home brewery, it’s also the name I would give to a brewery if I ever owned one.

The name comes from one of my favourite books Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson; in the book the Black Sun building in the metaverse is a sort of exclusive club, founded by one of the main characters and populated by an interesting range of clientèle.

According to wikipedia, Black Sun can refer to the sun in hermetic and alchemic study, be a symbol of esoteric or occult significance and forms part of Mesoamerican mythology. For me though, as I’m interested in the night sky, you could say that it’s just another name for a Dark-energy star, black hole or for all the stuff that a star chucks out that we can’t see, I’ll leave you to decide.

What it really means though, is that I get to give all my beers names that have something to do with, or are inspired by, astronomy and astrophysics.

The image of the sun used in the beer label template at the top of the page, was taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, you can see the original in their flickr photostream. It’s available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. I’m just starting to plan my first home brew and want to get as close to Oakham Citra as possible. Any suggestions / advice? Hints and tips you can share which can help me to avoid first time pit-falls?

    1. Depends what kind of homebrew you are planning to make, is it malt extract based, or are you taking the plunge with all grain…? I’ve not made an Oakham Citra clone, nor do I know anyone who has. Your best bet, is probably to ask on one of the homebrewing forums, as someone will have tried to make a clone, try Jim’s Beer Kit Forum as a starting point.

      I asked on twitter if anyone had any suggestions and Pete Brissenden (ex Hop Daemon and Camden Town brewer and now working for Meantime), he suggests using – 95% pale malt, 5% cara hell. Bitter to 20 IBU, for a 20 litre batch 65g Citra at flame out, 40g Citra dry hop. Use US-05 yeast.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for mikkeller green gold clone recipes.
    I’ll be sure to drop in again, this is good reading. BTW, do you think you could pass on the recipe for the green gold? I can’t find it anywhere, and I really want to start brewing a batch this week.

    Best regards from Norway,
    Jan Tore

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