Advent Beer: BAD Wild Gravity

I’d not heard of BAD Co. (Brewing & Distilling Co.) before. So when I popped back into Thirsty for a last minute restock, one had to go into the Advent Beer selection.

Wild Gravity, is packaged in one of those wide mouth cans, which I really detest. I’m at home, not off camping in the wilderness, I do have access to a glass. The only benefit I can see, is if you get the lighting right, you can see into the can while you pour. So for a beer that says, unfiltered and maybe naturally hazy on the can (i.e. there’s going to be sediment), this is a plus point.

Having said that, it duly poured a clean and clear auburn marmalade, with a loose, just off white head. No sign of any sediment, or haze. The head dropped pretty quickly. There wasn’t much on the nose, possibly some marmalade type aromas, but nothing I could really pick out.

In the mouth it was pretty nice, subtle and balanced, rather than brash and shouty. Some prickly bitterness, on top of a solid malt foundation, started things off. It smoothed out quite quickly though, with both the bitterness and malt body dying off abruptly.

This was slightly disappointing, as a touch more late bitterness and body, would really have set the aftertaste up nicely. It was pleasant enough, with some bitter orange flavours that lingered. It just felt a bit flabby though, maybe as it was quite juicy, rather than it actually lacking any body.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this beer. After it had sat for a bit, the body did fill out, so take the muttering above, with a pinch of salt.

Having never heard of this brewery before, this beer is enough to peek my interest. I will be plucking a few of their other cans off the shelves in Thirsty next time I’m passing.