Advent Beer: NVB Release The Chimps

I knew this day would come. The day where a craft can would contain yeast that shouldn’t be there. No way to know, until it’s too late and already in your glass.

Nene Valley Brewery are new to me. I’ve seen their cans on the shelves at Thirsty, but have always passed over them, choosing beer from better known breweries. Advent Beer gave me the perfect opportunity to pluck one off the shelf and give it a go.

The can opened noisily, with some foam instantly coming out of the resulting opening. It didn’t quite gush, but made for a lively pour into the glass, taking three attempts to get it all in. Once the can was empty, it was pretty obvious that there was some sediment in the glass, with tiny suspended particles and a few larger dollops of yeast on the bottom.

There was nothing on the nose, at least nothing I could detect. The usual Session IPA type bouquet that I was expecting to be bursting forth, was absent. Instead, nothing, quite the disappointment. I’d like to tell you that it was nicely bitter and tasted of some fancy hops, but to be honest, all I could taste was manky yeast.

I couldn’t find anything on the can to say that the yeast should’ve been there, no mention of it being can conditioned, for example. The further I got through the glass, the more annoyed I got, mainly as there seemed to be a half decent beer underneath. Hop character would start to form in the mouth, and I’d get my hopes up, only to have them trodden underfoot by the rampaging manky yeast flavour.

Was it just a duff can? Was it supposed to be packaged like that? Was it just slackness from the brewery, or the canners? Either way, I suppose I knew this day would come, when you can’t see into the container to make a judgement call on when to stop pouring. At least with glass, you can generally see any sediment, intentional or not, sliding down towards the neck and stop pouring.

I really wasn’t impressed last night, more at the waste of money, rather than anything else. I suppose that it’ll now be a while before I pluck another NVB can off the shelves, instead choosing beer from better known breweries who I know I can trust.