Advent Beer: Rooster’s Ragged Point

This can of Rooster’s Ragged Point was the last on the shelf in Cozzi & Boffa. It would have been rude not too.

From a distance, it sat jet black in the glass. Just showing hints of deep ruby red, when held up to a light. The easily formed, tan coloured head dropped to a covering fairly readily.

The nose was intense. Lots of roasted malt flavours, predominantly chocolate, with hints of bitter coffee. It was hard to pick out any particular hop aroma, just a general, it’s been shown some hops.

The mouth feel was good, substantial, but still relatively light. Lots of roasted malt flavours, with chocolate, again, the mainstay. Rather than just being about the malt, the cheeks prickled with bitterness, causing some salivation. The juiciness and hop flavours combining to form a lingering bitter aftertaste, with hints of roasted coffee.

I really quite liked this beer; light, malty, bitter, moreish, accomplished.


Another brewery jumps on the nano-keg bandwagon.

Rooster’s aren’t a brewery you see much of down these parts. So when I heard that they were having a launch event, as they’ve started canning, and I knew someone who was going, I asked if they could grab me one of each. They kindly obliged and a week or so later I picked them up.

I was going to take tasting notes and write a bit about each one, but I don’t want to be beer reviews anymore, so I’ll keep it brief. I thought all three were very nice and I’d happily drink them all again. I know that Baby-Faced Assassin isn’t quite the same beer that got Zak Avery all giggly, but as a homebrewer, it’s nice to try a commerical beer that started out life as a homebrew.

Twenty Fifteen appears to be shaping up as a year that will be defined by a method of dispense, i.e. the can, rather than a particular style. It’ll be interesting to see if the standard of canned beer remains as good as they few I’ve tried so far. There is a lot of dross out there claiming to be craft, it’s not suddenly going to stop being dross just because its been put in a can.

I wonder if canning is going to be the big craft differentiator. Those that are accepted by the hive mind as craft will can, those that aren’t wont…